Our Partners (SEC)

Established in business for electric wires and cables since 1968, SEC extends its range of offshore and shipboard cables through continuous development and positive investment in equipment. The company has attained numerous certifications and approvals from various marine class societies, and in compliance to IEC standards and regulations.
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Power Cables

  RFOU 6/10kV


  RFOU 0.6/1kV


  BFOU 0.6/1kV


  UX 0.6/1kV



Instrumentation, Control and Telecommuncation


  RFOU(i) 150/250V


  RFOU(c) 150/250V


  RFOU(i+c) 250V


  BFOU(i) 250V

  BFOU(c) 250V


  BFOU(i+c) 150/250V



Power Cables

  HF-CXO 0.6/1kV


  HF-CXOSA 0.6/1kV


  HFF-CX 0.6/1kV


  FRHF-CXOSA 0.6/1kV



Instrumentation, Control and Telecommuncation





  FRHF-IXOSA   150/250V


  FRHF-IXO(i)SA      150/250V



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