Our Partners (P+B)

Since 1881 Peters + Bey Navigation Lights have stood for quality and innovation throughout the world. The company was the first manufacturer in the world for approved LED Navigation Lights for vessels more than 50m in length. All Navigation Lights are according to the COLREGs 1972 and have the GL and MED approval. A Navigation Light/Signal Automat Monitoring and Control system suitable for all types of lamps (LED, incandescent, halogen, neon etc) or other electrical load <2A inclusive GL and MED approval is also produced by Peters + Bey.
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Signal Automat Monitoring
and Control System

Touchscreen LCD

Control Unit

Basis Measuring Module

Measuring Module

Navigation Light Type 500
for 20-50m vessels

LED Navigation Lights Type 580
for <50m vessels

Navigation Lights Type 760
for >20m vessels

LED Navigation Lights Type 780
for >20m vessels