Nitto Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. is a chemical maker producing sealing compound, epoxy adhesive and hot melt adhesive. which has been producing the best products and pursuing the best quality for about a half century. We always value “hospitality” and continually develop our products to meet the expectation of every user, so they have been widely used in various fields such as on land, off shore and under the ground. We firmly believe that newly developed sealing products, which comply with 2010 FTP Code, will satisfy customer demand so well and will be accepted as global standard.
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1. PLASEAL NF-23 is the highest level of fire-tight compound for ships.

PLASEAL NF-23 passed IMO Resolution MSC.307(88)-2010 FTP Code for A-class cable transits.

2. It is very easy to construct with PLASEAL NF-23.

PLASEAL NF-23 is an one component type of sealing compound. You need ONLY itself to construct, so this product makes construction easy.

3. PLASEAL NF-23 has comparatively low specific gravity.

Specific gravity of PLASEAL NF-23 is approx. 0.8, so with this product you can reduce ship body weight and save the cost of energy.

4. PLASEAL NF-23 will shorten working hours.

One cable can contact with other cables when you construct with PLASEAL NF-23,which means that every cable can be arranged freely, so PLASEAL NF-23 makes working hours shorter.

5. PLASEAL NF-23 is free from hazardous materials.

The main component of PLASEAL NF-23 is safe inorganic material, so this product does not contain any hazardous materials