LED Lights

LED definition of LUMENS / LUX / LUMINANCE

Lumens / lm  → Amount of light in all directions emitted by a light source
Unit: lm or Lumen

Lux / lx → Measurement of emerging light on surface 
Unit: lx-Lux E(lx) = lumen output (lm) / surface (m²) = Lux (lx)
It decreases with the distance from the light source

Luminance → Is the measurement of the brightness impression the eye perceives from the illuminated area - Depends on the degree of reflection
Unit: cd/m²


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Efficacy lighting - lm/W → How much light does it put out based on how much energy it consumers?
Unit: lm/W or Lumen/ watts 

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature expressed in Kelvin, symbol K, a unit use for measure temperature based on Kelvin scale
Lower colour temperature are called warm colours (yellowish white through red)
Higher colour temperature over 5000K are called cool colours (bluish white) 



Luminaire Performance

Yield → The ratio of luminous flux (lumens) emitted by a luminaire to that emitted by the lamp used.
CRI / Color Rendering Index → A quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natual light source.
Power factor → An AC electrical power system is defined as the ratio of the real power flowing to the load to the apparent power in the circuit

Advantages of LED lights over other types




Understanding and comparing ‘LED’ performance appears straightforward: get the datasheets, compare numbers for light output, efficacy and lumen maintenance, and make a decision. LED optimizes energy consumption as compared to conventional lighting, reduces maintenance through improved durability and allows great savings to one’s electricity consumption. Unfortunately, any purchase and design decision bases simply on the top-line numbers – the specs on the early pages – without analysis of how the LEDs will perform under real operating conditions can lead to unsatisfactory results and significant business risks. SOP LED light contained in datasheets that can be used to show an LED will perform under real operating conditions.

SOP LED Module Series is designed to be energy efficient and highly versatile. It has various applications to cater to different needs with easy installation methods. The LED light source is made to be shock resistant with polycarbonate diffuser and comes with different guards available to suit various applications. SOP LED Floodlights are fabricated to provide unparalleled light quality and saves up to 90% energy compared to halogen floodlight. Customized heat sink made from high thermal conductive aluminium material provides superior thermal management, optimizing the LED performances and ensuring long service life under extreme operating temperatures. The professional LED floodlight in its class. The slim and sleek design of SOP Panel Light is the best solution for all indoor usage. The simple to install panel light is ideal to be an alternative to the T8/T5 ceiling fixture, its high-energy efficiency lowers maintenance cost. More importantly, it creates a beautiful environment and enhances the surrounding with a sense of natural light.

SOP LED Downlight Series takes conventional lightings to a whole new dimension. The designing concept revolves around energy-efficiency and durability with true colour quality. The robust construction and stylish finishing makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

SOP LED Decorative Light Series – coupled with energy – efficiency and durability, our decorative lights create the mood and ambience of any living space, Selection of the right lighting can help you achieve a perfect balance between stylish yet functional interiors.

SOP LED High Bay Series provides high efficacy, reduced input power compared to HID or fluorescent system, and the excellent lighting quality needed for task visibility, material characteristic and colour differentiation. With a remarkable energy savings high light output LEDs, SOP LED High Bay is an ideal tool for general lighting in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Let us imagine that you are to design a LED lamp with the highest possible light output. The average must be capable of producing light output 50,000 hours of operation at a level that is at least 70% of output when the lamp was new.

Selecting the right LED lighting for your applications remains a challenge for many owners, facilities managers or buyers. Most of the consumers are used to the traditional fluorescent lamps, incandescent bulbs or even the high intensity discharge lamps, available in fixed wattage with similar luman output, similar lamp service life, standard lamp bases and similar conventional housing. SOP LED lights are Vibration resistant, Energy savings of up to 90% compared to incandescent bulb, Safety, EMC and IEC compliance.

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