SASA Gate Scanner

A GateScanner Kiosk is a free-standing station with portable media ports and a touch-screen, providing managed, secure file import from portable devices into the enterprise network. Users can freely transfer files from their removable media to destinations on the network - or to other removable devices - without compromising network security or NERC CIP / NIST compliance.

GateScanner Kiosk applies advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to the incoming files, eliminating both known and unknown malicious code that may potentially be embedded in them.

These Kiosks can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or in a networked configuration.

These Kiosks provide IT teams with managed fileexport control, providing policy-based file redaction for prevention of data-loss/data exfiltration, or for dataprotection and GDPR compliance.

Professional CDR Kiosk SKU# C1

Main Features:

  • Antivirus kiosk prevents file-based attacks from USB devices using GateScanner CDRtechnology
  • Isolates and detects rogue devices (BadUSB, RubberDucky, BashBunny, hiddenpartition exploits, etc)
  • Hundreds of file types supported including MS Office suite, PDF, media files (images,audio, video), archives (ZIP, RAR, 7z, CAB), PST, OST, .eml, installation files,executables, XML, HTML, other text files, medical imaging files (DICOM), passwordprotected and customized files.
  • Policy-based configuration: customized scanning profiles according to user/grouppolicies with multiple authentication options including Active Directory (AD) integration
  • Scan verification: processed files can be digitally signed and sealed, to validate theywere scanned by GateScanner
  • Unlimited task sizes enabling uninterrupted scanning of TB+ sized media
  • Central administration of multiple, distributed cyber-security kiosks; detailed activityreports with drill-down to the single event; interfaces with SIEM/Syslog; automatedupdates; multilingual touchscreen UI (kiosk only)
  • Tamper-proof, hardened physical appliance prevents device-based attacks; 'return tozero state' after each scan

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